What are the characteristics of powder coating powder?

Powder coating powder

Powder coating powder is a solid powder synthetic resin coating composed of solid resin, pigments, fillers and additives. Different from ordinary solvent-based coatings and water-based coatings, its dispersing medium is not solvent and water, but air.


(1) It has no solvent pollution, 100% film formation, low energy consumption, is coated before treatment, one-time construction, without the bottom coating, can get enough thickness of the film, easy to achieve automatic operation, high production efficiency, can reduce costs;


(2) Healthy environmental protection, does not contain toxicity, does not contain solvents and does not contain volatile toxic substances, so no poisoning, no fire, no "three waste" emissions and other public hazard problems, fully comply with the requirements of the national environmental protection law;

​transportation and storage, safe and convenient;

④ High utilization rate of raw materials, recyclable new powder coating powder, the highest utilization rate can even reach more than 99%.


Uneven powder on the corners, after curing film defects difficult to cover up, high curing conditions.

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