What are the characteristics of powder coating powder?

Powder coating powder Powder coating powder is a solid powder synthetic resin coating composed of solid resin, pigments, fillers and additives. Different from ordinary solvent-based coatings and water-based coatings, its dispersing medium is not solvent and water, but air. Advantages: (1) It has no solvent pollution, 100% film formation, low energy consumption, is coated before treatment, one-time construction, without the […]

Kneel for the advantages and disadvantages of feather hair extensions can last long

Feather extensions are usually made from human hair and hand-woven in the shape of feathers. Feather extensions are tighter, more subtle, more convenient, more comfortable, and can be made by any hair extension manufacturer on the market. The smallest interface subverts the previous traditional hair extension methods using the principle of feather crochet technique advantages such as its product shape […]

The difference between photovoltaic cable and ordinary cable

Photovoltaic cables are often exposed to sunlight, and solar systems are often used in harsh environmental conditions, such as high-temperature ultraviolet radiation. In Europe, sunny and favorable terrain will result in on-site temperatures of up to 100°C for solar systems. Now, we can use a variety of materials PVC, rubber, TPE and high quality cross-linking materials. But sorry, additional rubber […]

The research and development of "mobile power bank" in the field of nuclear energy -- Jiiling Dragon One

A turning point for the nuclear energy industry ' 'ushering in a new era of multipurpose nuclear power' 'game changer'... Small modular reactors (hereinafter referred to as small reactors) have long been highly praised by experts in the nuclear power field at home and abroad, especially after the Fukushima nuclear accident, small reactors have become popular because of their flexibility […]

The construction of the first heavy water reactor M1 spent fuel storage module officially started

On the afternoon of August 25, Zou Zhengyu, general manager of Qinshan Nuclear Power Co., LTD., declared that the first heavy water reactor M1 type spent fuel storage module project in Qinshan nuclear Power plant officially started construction. The authorized construction of this module is a successful example of Qinshan nuclear power plant in the introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation […]

X Energy completed the basic design of the small high temperature gas cooled reactor XE-100

X-energy recently completed a six-year, $40 million DOE project to complete the basic design of the XE-100, a small high-temperature gas-cooled reactor 39bet-xì dách-phỏm miền bắc-tiến lên miền bắc-xóc đĩa-game bắn cá. The first terpolymer isotropic (TRISO) fuel particles were manufactured using natural uranium at a pilot scale fuel facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The project sets the […]

Cas9 editing tools: understanding the molecular mechanisms that regulate T cell function

T cell immunotherapeutics, CAR/TCR-T cells, have significantly changed the landscape of cancer treatment. For T cell engineering, viral approaches represent the standard method of choice for transgene delivery. However, viral transduction leads to random insertions and potential mutagenesis. Therefore, recognizing the need for a more specific approach to T cell engineering in 2018 the Marson lab provided the first proof-of-principle […]