Kneel for the advantages and disadvantages of feather hair extensions can last long

Feather extensions are usually made from human hair and hand-woven in the shape of feathers. Feather extensions are tighter, more subtle, more convenient, more comfortable, and can be made by any hair extension manufacturer on the market.

The smallest interface subverts the previous traditional hair extension methods using the principle of feather crochet technique advantages such as its product shape like feathers elegant natural texture three-dimensional feeling can comb invisible effect is good and random hair tie to maintain about 5-6 months.

(The journey takes 4-5 hours).

Feather extensions are more compact and subtle, the most convenient and comfortable.

The advantages and disadvantages are the length of hair extension and hair removal.‚Äč


First of all, pretty is definitely better than short hair, but for that, I'd really rather be ugly! I PICKED IT UP IN THE SUBURBS OF Shanghai, IT COST 2380, REGRET IT, WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY 2380?? (Meituan on the search, said the package dye package hot or straightened, the results went to the later said: hot? Do you want it to be hot? It's just a one-time burn! I said that straightened it he said: this hair is straight ah (smile face ha)) added that I was connected with feathers, after the connection is not natural, also not like the online video of a small number of small numbers of, in fact, a large number of, comb or still hang scalp, impossible a vertical in the end! High ponytail scalp pain death, and connect a lot, simply can't tie up (too heavy to weigh down).

Why not naturally! ? Far LOOK IS DO NOT KNOW YOU ARE BORROWED HAIR, CLOSE LOOK, THE RESULT OF THE HAIR OF ONE EYE KNOW YOU ARE HAIR, BECAUSE THE HAIR THAT RECEIVES IS ALSO ON THE HEAD REPEATEDLY OF, ALL ARE SEPARATE!! The ex fry! You know, like when you haven't washed your hair in a long time, you know, you know, you know, oil and oil and oil and oil! (You can understand the way I describe it.)

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