Matrix full LED headlights and pixel LED headlights and pixel laser LED headlights

1. Different properties: matrix headlights are arranged in accordance with the rectangular array of LED light sources. LED pixel light bar is also known as the pixel light bar, LED pixel light, LED line light, is a kind of LED light bar. ​laser headlamp is the blue light of laser light emitting diode, which will run through the fluorescent phosphor material in the headlamp unit and convert it into a diffused white light. Customers who like it can find China Pixel LED Strip Light to buy

3, different brightness: matrix headlights and ordinary LED lights compared to the front of the area to illuminate the range of more straight, wider, brighter. The LED pixel light bar has an annual light decay of less than 5%. The advantages of laser headlamps over traditional LED headlamps are obvious. The traditional LED headlamps emit light intensity of 100 lumens per watt, while laser headlamps reach 170 lumens per watt.

3, different characteristics: laser headlights have most of the advantages of LED headlights, fast response, low brightness attenuation. Compared with LED headlights, laser headlights have advantages, especially in terms of volume, and the length of a single laser diode element can be up to 10 microns.


Points for attention:

1, LED lamp installation precautions, also need to pay attention to the LED lamp installation of the working environment is appropriate. the installation should be between -50℃ ~ 70℃, around the working environment to avoid strong acid, strong alkali items, avoid working in too humid environment, in order to prevent the plug contacting electrode oxidation.

2, LED power supply is directly connected to the 220V voltage, but through the DC transformer to connect, is connected through the AC transformer. The maximum use power of LED lamps connected by DC transformer is 350W, and the maximum use power of LED lamps connected by AC transformer is 300W, and must be done by using isolated AC transformer.

3. Some LED lamps need to be connected with ground wire, must not be ignored, and the operator must install LED lamps in an anti-static environment when installing, and should wear an anti-static bracelet when necessary, to avoid the occurrence of electrostatic friction events.

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