How is wind energy converted into electricity

Wind power, like airplane wings, uses the wind to spin the blades of a windmill, which in turn drives a generator to generate electricity. The blades of wind turbines look small from the ground, but they are actually quite large. The average wind turbine blade is more than 40 meters long. The largest wind turbine blades are more than 100 meters long, far longer than the wing length of a large airliner. In fact, the wind does not "push" the rotor blades, but due to the asymmetry of the shape of the cross-section of the blade, the wind velocity is high when passing over the blade and low when passing under the blade. This results in low pressure above the blades and high pressure below them, creating a pressure difference between the blades above and below them. This pressure difference creates lift and makes the wind wheel spin.

How is wind energy converted into electricity

Turning wind energy into electricity takes more than a unique airfoil design. The windmills of wind turbines must be turned against the wind to generate electricity. When the fan works, it first finds the direction of the wind by means of a vane, and then rotates the nose to the direction of the wind by means of a yaw system. Wind is very complicated, and the wind machine often measures the wind direction and rotates its head to face the wind, so that the fan can better match the characteristics of the wind. With the increase of the Angle to the wind, the power generation will also increase rapidly. In addition, the blades rotate to help the fan adapt to the wind.

The traditional wind turbine uses the wind to drive the blade of the windmill to rotate, and then drives the generator to generate electricity by increasing the speed of rotation through a number of gear sets such as a speed-increasing machine. This is a long transmission process, and energy is bound to be lost in the process of transmission.

The direct drive permanent magnet technology eliminates the complex transmission structure such as gearbox, greatly reduces the loss, improves the power generation efficiency, and ensures the reliability of operation. The rotor of direct-drive permanent magnet power generation is composed of more than 1300 magnetic steel, and the core components are composed of rare earth materials, which can generate a strong magnetic field without consuming any electric energy, ensuring the powerful power generation capacity of the unit. As the wind moves the blades, the coils cut the magnetic field lines to generate electricity. That's how wind energy turns into electricity.

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