China's first 18MW mine water floating power plant will soon be connected to the grid

With the rapid development of the surface photovoltaic industry, its application fields are becoming more and more extensive. Compared with the surface photovoltaic power station, the site environment of the surface photovoltaic power station is usually characterized by high humidity, salt fog, gusts and waves. Therefore, the surface photovoltaic power station has put forward higher quality requirements for the weather resistance and reliability of the equipment. In this regard, the solar surface pv gives full play to its technical advantages and tailors the floating system solution according to the project environment to make the power generation higher, safer and more reliable.

Workers at ningxia Electric Power's Ningdong power Plant are rushing to install floating photovoltaic power generation facilities, which are in the final stage of the project. This is an 18MW floating photovoltaic power station project cooperated by Sunshine surface PV and State Energy Ningdong No.2 Power Generation Co., LTD. It is the first floating power station in northwest China and the first mine water floating power station in China.

Adapt measures to local conditions, scientific design

The Ningdong Power Plant project is the first floating power station in China's mine water area, which stores the high-salt tailing water discharged from coal mines, and its corrosive ion concentration is tens of times that of ordinary fresh water. In view of the high salt fog environment, the solar surface PHOTOVOLTAIC technology team provided a floating system solution.

1, ultra-high anticorrosion grade, against salt spray water

For high salt fog environment conditions, the sunlight surface photovoltaic materials and structure of floating body systematic selection and optimization, the floating body resistance to salt fog environment, effective resistance to salt fog environment erosion of materials, components and stents are used in corrosion resistant material, through the calculation of metal corrosion rate, allowance design, to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the system, the related material to meet the demand of the service life of 25 years.

2, reliable anchoring system, not afraid of harsh environment

Considering the high corrosiveness of water quality, the technical team customized the anchorage system scheme and selected the anchorage system material with high strength and high corrosion resistance to ensure that it has the ability to adapt to harsh environment.

China's first 18MW mine water floating power plant will soon be connected to the grid3. "One place, one policy" to solve the terrain problem

Technical team fully considering the photovoltaic (pv) in northwest area topography and change is big, high wind speed, etc, on the basis of topography is set to large floating phalanx, and placed centrally in the deep water area, ensure system safety, avoid ran aground, big square also increased the operational convenience, saving the cost of the land area and the anchorage, reduces the overall cost.

Overcome difficulties and achieve customers

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is one of the regions with the richest solar energy resources in China. As the first comprehensive demonstration zone of new energy in China, ningxia's photovoltaic industry has entered a fast track with the support of a series of supporting policies in recent years. The cooperation between the sun surface pv and Ningdong Power Plant in the water pv power generation, for the development of water pv in northwest China, expand the field of new energy, has the pioneering role of pilot.

Benefits in order to ensure the project early fall to the ground, the earlier, the outbreak period, sun photovoltaic adhere to the principle of epidemic prevention and control and return to work and production, the water out of the job in project "acceleration", obtained the customer's full approval, sun surface photovoltaic system solutions are reliable and efficient, professional team, service in place, to help east ningxia power plant in the construction of the comprehensive energy demonstration factory make substantive step!

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