Walk into Hualong One: Feel the core power of “Great power”

On July 26, the “Walk into Hualong One” online brand evaluation activity hosted by the Cyberspace Administration of the CPC Central Government, the Press and Publicity Office of the China Atomic Energy Authority, and the Publicity and Culture Center of China National Nuclear Corporation continued to carry out. The journalists came to the Fuqing Nuclear Power Base in Qianxue Village, Sanshan Town, Fuqing City, Fujian Province, and walked into the “Hualong One” demonstration project, the innovation achievement of the third generation pressurized water reactor nuclear power with completely independent intellectual property rights, to feel the hard core power of “big power heavy equipment” up close.

It is understood that the Fuqing nuclear power base has six million kilowatt-level pressurized water reactor nuclear power units in operation, with a total installed capacity of 6.678 million kilowatts. Among them, units 1-4 adopt the second-generation improved and mature technology, and units 5-6 adopt the third-generation nuclear power technology Hualong One, which has completely independent intellectual property rights. On Jan 30, 2021, the world’s first Hualong One Fuqing Nuclear Power Unit 5 of CNNC was put into commercial operation. On March 25, 2022, the “Hualong One” demonstration project was fully completed and put into operation, marking China’s entry into the world’s largest nuclear power technology level and comprehensive strength, and effectively supporting China’s transition from a nuclear power to a nuclear power.

Walk into Hualong One: Feel the core power of "Great power"Hualong One is a major achievement in China’s science and technology development, and a major scientific and technological achievement in the nuclear industry’s innovative development over the past 60 years. From the beginning of its design, Hualong One was aimed at the development of the world’s most advanced nuclear power technology and adopted the highest international safety standards. On the basis of the mature technology verified by engineering, the safety design concept of “177 core arrangement” and “combination of active and passive” is creatively adopted, which effectively avoids the occurrence of all kinds of nuclear accidents. At present, the safety and quality of many nuclear power units in operation and under construction using Hualong One technology at home and abroad are under full control, which has further enhanced the confidence of countries around the world in Hualong One.

As a clean, low-carbon, reliable and efficient energy source, nuclear energy plays an important role in ensuring energy security and people’s livelihood. According to a person in charge of Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant, Fuqing nuclear power plant can generate 50 billion KWH of electricity annually, equivalent to half of the annual power generation of the Three Gorges hydropower Station, equivalent to reducing emissions of carbon dioxide 40 million tons, sulfur dioxide 130,000 tons, and planting 350 million trees. Fuqing nuclear power base is providing continuous clean energy for high quality economic and social development of our country with practical actions, and contribute positive forces to the “double carbon” goal.

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