CNC sawing machine how to process

CNC sawing machine to do furniture

Numerical control sawing machine research and development is used in the woodworking furniture industry, but with the gradual expansion of the industry, slowly involved in construction, shoe materials, cardboard, graphite and many other industries, the main characteristics of numerical control sawing machine is the use of safety, efficiency and efficiency, save raw materials at the same time also improve the process accuracy. It is really the product of saw industry high-tech, CNC sawing machine is a great bonus of industry 4.0 process!

CNC sawing machine how to process

First, the use of CNC sawing machine safety

Numerical control band saw in the use of relatively safe, can effectively ensure the use of safety operators. Conventional band saws in the use of cutting more or less will let the operator close contact with the cutting part of the work, so the risk degree is relatively high inside the company! There is a saying in the woodworking industry to the effect that no old master in the woodworking industry is unscathed, which means that almost every woodworking master has been injured on the job. Using a woodworking band sawing machine can completely free the "hands". There is no chance for the hand to touch the dangerous part of the cutting, which is very human, after all, we work for a better life, people come first.

Two, CNC sawing machine high efficiency

Conventional cutting processing is a layer of cutting, with artificial to support processing, so when cutting will inevitably cause poor processing technology, after all, the hand is shaking, cutting a layer of efficiency will not be high! CNC band saw equipment can process 260mm at a time, that is to say, it can process multiple layers of wood at a time, so that the efficiency will naturally realize doubling, the speed is really fast. Woodworking sawing machine due to the use of automatic control robot processing so its accuracy reached the company's internal comparison, comparison at least with people will tremble, so the accuracy is very high.

Three, CNC sawing machine processing save material

CNC woodworking band saw processing process to save material to reduce material consumption! This is more cost-effective, because now advocate energy conservation and environmental protection, advocate to reduce loss and improve the utilization rate, CNC sawing machine in the processing process using fine control to improve product processing technology and accuracy, naturally will improve the utilization rate of raw materials in the invisible. Take the traditional wood bandsaw processing mode for example, the traditional processing with hands holding hands will inevitably shake, naturally resulting in the cutting product concave and convex, large deviation in the actual standard workpiece, naturally will cause material loss, take 200 conventional dining chairs as an example, Conventional band saw cutting method will be more than the use of CNC sawing machine processing method 5 standard plate nearly 1000 yuan of resource waste.

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