The advantages and disadvantages of 3d printing

3D printers are going to change our way of living, as we currently know it and we see it in cheap 3d printing. It will bring many advantages and also several disadvantages, related to the automated creation of products using a 3D printer. It will be possible to make a replica of an object, print or create an object from a file, or we can also design it ourselves.

The advantages and disadvantages of 3d printing


The revolution that it supposes for the manufacture of products. A single 3D print is capable of making countless different products. Much of today's manufacturing is done with specific machines whose function is limited, and if the product changes, the machine must also be retrofitted or changed.

Flexibility and rapid prototyping. It allows easy prototyping of products, which can lead to improved 3d printer for kids

Cost reduction. Production can be done from home.

Personalization. The possibility of making your own garments, objects, products... in a personalized and exclusive way.

New industry and sector. It will create new jobs, and new forms of business.

Multiple applications yet to be discovered. In the field of medicine we find surprising applications, such as: the creation of prostheses or even the printing of organic tissues. 3D printing has a long way to go and more and more fields will be applied.

Many businesses will be greatly favored, such as jewelers, since the 3D printer can print in wax, when making rings, they simply make the mold in a file and the technological device prints them.

For industrial designers to create an industrial object, they can see it in a plastic prototype.

Make replicas of objects that we need. For example, designing a mechanical product to sell, and we have a nail, but we need another one just like it, we can create it. If we have broken a piece of an object, we can create it to fix it.

Objects can now be made with plastic, wax and rubber, probably in time other materials will be involved and the range of products that can be made will change the way of life as we know it.

Companies, instead of having an automation system to carry out a commercial product, will be able to use 3D printers to reduce costs in terms of machinery, and so that the products do not have errors in terms of design since they can correct with computer.


Job reduction. The own elaboration of the products, and the reduction of machinery can lead to fewer jobs in manufacturing.

Copyright infringement. The replication of copyrighted objects will be difficult to control as 3D scanners allow the replication of any object.YeaPei

Malicious uses of technology. Unfortunately, there is the possibility of creating items such as firearms, and the danger of generalizing such items.

Increase of useless products.

The prices are very high.

Many companies are going to benefit, many are going to be harmed since their business could be lost. For example, companies that design and produce toys, or items for home decoration.

An item or prototype will be produced or printed in 3 dimensions in about 2 hours.

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