How do new energy solar panels convert light into electricity

Capture energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. However, this is science, not magic. Solar panels use a curious scientific technique called the photovoltaic effect to convert one form of energy into another. Here's how solar panels harvest light and turn it into electricity. The sun is a mighty power, with an annual output of one billion (that […]

2022 cost-effective true wireless collar microphone selection guide: live, short video Vlog recording

Wireless lapel microphone, a type of wireless microphone, has become popular recently. It is a small, small and portable microphone, usually worn in the location of the user's clothing lapel. It can be freed from the cable, and the user can do whatever he or she wants without worrying about the sound. It is generally used in large conferences, live […]

How is wind energy converted into electricity

Wind power, like airplane wings, uses the wind to spin the blades of a windmill, which in turn drives a generator to generate electricity. The blades of wind turbines look small from the ground, but they are actually quite large. The average wind turbine blade is more than 40 meters long. The largest wind turbine blades are more than 100 […]

Can solar panels charge new energy cars

Solar panels can charge new energy vehicles, solar panels through the inverter can output 220V ac voltage, theoretically with 220V power can charge electric vehicles, but the charging power is very small, the charger may not work, or charging slow, charging time will be extended a lot. It doesn't make sense to charge a car from the sun without large, […]

Indonesia will use 5MWp's rooftop solar panels to power its factories and other facilities

Indonesian tire cord manufacturer PT Indo Kordsa Tbk (IDX:BRAM) will use 5 MWp rooftop solar panels to power its factory and other facilities in The Citeureup region of Indonesia. The solar photovoltaic project has been commissioned to French multi-energy group TotalEnergies SE (EPA:TTE), the companies announced. Under the agreement, TotalEnergies will install, operate and maintain the system. The project will […]

Sun Rock will become a renewable energy power station

In Dutch company MVRDV's upcoming project Sun Rock, the majority of the building will be covered in solar panels and is expected to generate around 1 million kilowatt-hours of green energy per year, which will easily ensure it operates self-sufficient and the excess energy will be transmitted to the grid. While most of the building's facade will be covered with […]

Eu: Green hydrogen will be the driving force of future energy systems

Speaking at a meeting of the European Parliament's environment committee, Frans Timmermans, the EU's climate chief, said he was confident green hydrogen would be the driving force behind future energy systems. The meeting is taking place against the backdrop of Russia cutting off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria and the European Union's attempts to wean itself off Russian fossil […]

Photovoltaic cells have been revolutionized

The idea that solar panels don't need sunlight may sound crazy, but it's not completely impossible. Carvey Ehren Maigue, a student at Mapua University in the Philippines, recently developed a prototype. As the cornerstone of a revolution to bring more clean energy to people, solar panels seem to be one of the best choices. However, these energy conductors have a […]

New energy, photovoltaic, new energy vehicles, lithium batteries and electrical equipment?

Recently, the new energy sector is very hot, many readers said that the relationship between fresh energy, photovoltaic, new energy vehicles, lithium batteries and electrical equipment. Today, this post will make an introduction to the relationship between them, hoping to let you have a preliminary understanding of the new energy plate. Electrical equipment, I used to say that the term […]

Why Aluminum Capacitors

A blog article about what aluminum capacitors are and why people prefer them over other types of capacitors. What are Aluminum Capacitors? Aluminum capacitors are used in electronic equipment to store a charge and are also known as electrostatic capacitors. These capacitors have a dielectric material that stores an electric charge, which allows them to discharge quickly. Aluminum capacitors are […]