Overnight "disappeared" solar energy, why suddenly not "fire"? The user is very honest

Although sales and sales of electric water heaters have declined, we can see that the market for electric water heaters is still vast. Water heater of electric power in every household now, it is to pass the means of direct bolt to supply power commonly. Do you have an impression of the solar water heater that was particularly popular a few years ago? But it is worth mentioning that the solar water heater has been widely advocated, now why not fire? The experienced respond.

Solar water heaters work on a simple basis. They charge the water heater by converting solar energy into electricity by installing solar panels on the top floor. The electricity generated in this way is relatively cleaner, and is very much in line with the concept of today's low-carbon society. So in previous years, we often saw solar panels on buildings of all kinds. But in recent years, the development of solar water heaters has deteriorated. Some users say why.

Overnight "disappeared" solar energy, why suddenly not "fire"? The user is very honest

The first reason is that the water pipe of the solar water heater is too long, and many consumers feel that the shower is especially wasteful of water resources. We know that many solar water heaters are installed on rooftops, at a distance from residents' bathrooms. When we turn on the tap, we need to let the cold water run for a certain amount of time before we can touch the hot water.

If the water heater is installed at home, the wait is short. You only need to run cold water for a few seconds to get hot water at the right temperature. But the inhabitant that installs solar energy water heater discovered a problem however, because water heater is far away from home, so the time that puts hot water such as cold water increases greatly.

This not only reduces the residents' experience, but also wastes water. Many residents say that cold water is simply wasted while they wait. The most important thing is that the adjustment between hot and cold water is not easy. For example, when you take a shower, the water is either too cold or too hot. If this happens occasionally, consumers can accept it. But this situation is normal in the process of use, which makes consumers' use experience very poor.

Second, solar water heaters are cumbersome and dangerous to repair. It is normal for any household appliance to be repaired when it is damaged. If it is common electric water heater, maintenance although trouble but also not difficult. Solar water heaters are difficult to repair because of their long, distant pipes and rooftop placement.

In addition, due to the location of solar water heater installation is outdoors, long-term wind and rain damage degree is very large. A regular built-in water heater may need a repair every two to three years, while a solar water heater may need a repair every year. Coupled with the difficulty of its maintenance, the maintenance cost increased greatly.

Many residents who have installed solar water heaters in their homes said they were willing to pay several hundred yuan for repairs at the beginning. Later, it was discovered that the frequency of repairs became more frequent and the efficiency of the water heater became less and less. Many residents eventually became so fed up with the cost of repairing solar water heaters that they bought new electric ones.

Overnight "disappeared" solar energy, why suddenly not "fire"? The user is very honest

The third reason is that solar water heaters are particularly inefficient on rainy days or in winter. We know that solar water heaters can save electricity, but one of the preconditions for their use is sufficient sunshine. Therefore, not all places are suitable for installing solar water heaters, such as the rainy days in the south, solar panels are difficult to play a role.

In winter, solar water heaters often have problems. The temperature at night in northern winter is very low, and the solar water pipe outside is likely to freeze and crack because of the low temperature. Because the sun is not strong enough in winter, many consumers say the hot water is not hot enough. Some residents say solar water heaters are a bit of a chicken in many cases.

The fourth reason is that urban buildings do not support the installation of solar water heaters. We know that installing a solar water heater requires enough space on the roof, so rural bungalows are ideal for installation. But in cities, certain installation conditions may be lacking. Now a lot of urban buildings roof space is very narrow, installation is very troublesome.

Especially when many residents in a building need to install solar water heaters, the space becomes even more crowded. Even between users and users may be due to the installation of the problem, there will be a series of contradictions. So a lot of consumers say, solar water heater cannot bring convenience for oneself.

Because of these reasons, more and more consumers are reluctant to choose solar water heaters. Although solar panels can save us a certain amount of electricity, the costs incurred, such as maintenance, are not small. Want to buy the consumer of solar energy water heater in the home so, still want careful thinking to decide again.


When a product can not meet the needs of consumers, it is normal to be eliminated by the market. Now a variety of new water heaters appear in people's field of vision, people also have more choices on consumption. So here is to remind the majority of enterprises, do a good job of consumer market research, can produce consumer satisfaction products.

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