One night “disappear” solar energy water heater, why does not fire suddenly? These reasons are practical

With the improvement of people’s living standard, the pursuit of life demand is also developing in the direction of high level, comfort and convenience have become the material requirements of most people. In the context of social development, a variety of household appliances have entered thousands of households, the use of electrical appliances has undoubtedly brought great changes to people’s lives.

Mention electric appliance, now almost every household installs water heater, and water heater is very good in electric appliance market sales and prospect also. With respect to current water heater, basically cent is electric water heater and gas water heater, among them electric water heater serves as driving force with electric power, and water heater of gas serves as driving force with natural gas, these two kinds of water heater go hand in hand together on the market.

According to relevant data statistics in 2021, the sales volume of gas water heaters in this year exceeded 13 million units, creating a sales volume of 27.6 billion yuan, while the sales volume of electric water heaters also exceeded 20 million units, creating a sales volume of 25.4 billion yuan.

But if you go back a decade, it wasn’t electric or gas water heaters that made up half the market. It was solar water heaters. Only now solar water heater seems to have disappeared in water heater market, so, why once the solar water heater will disappear in short time in people’s life?

One night "disappear" solar energy water heater, why does not fire suddenly? These reasons are practical

In the 1990s, when there were no skyscrapers like today, even in urban areas, they were all flat floor design, and almost every household would install a solar water heater on the roof or roof.

One of the main reasons why solar water heaters are so popular is that they cost no electricity and no fuel. After receiving the sun’s rays, the energy can be directly converted into heat, which can then be heated through an internal device. There is no denying that solar energy, with its low cost and energy saving and environmental protection advantages, shines brightly after entering the market.

In April 2016 alone, 750,000 units were sold, which was the peak period for solar water heaters, and since then, sales have been declining. As of April 2017, the number of solar water heaters sold was 630,000 units, and the profit of the solar water heater decreased significantly. Moreover, the market for solar water heaters is constantly occupied by other water heaters, so it seems that solar water heaters are gradually on the decline.

The saturation of the solar water heater market is one of the main reasons leading to the decline of the solar water heater industry, but in addition, there are other reasons.

First of all, the agents of solar water heater are very limited: although in the peak of the development of solar water heater, the sales volume is very considerable, but the regional distribution is very uneven, so this also leads to the uneven distribution of agents of solar water heater between regions. Often in the sales of good places, there are more agents of solar water heaters, but also to provide consumers with better daily maintenance and follow-up maintenance, but in the sales of low places, solar agents are more limited, unable to meet the needs of consumers in follow-up maintenance and daily maintenance.

In addition, the solar water heater is very vulnerable to regional and seasonal restrictions: in winter, due to the natural temperature is very low in the north, it is easy to cause the internal pipe of the solar water heater to be frozen, so that the water heater lost its normal function. And under the principle of hot expansion and cold contraction, after the water pipe of those workers is injected with a lot of hot water, it is very easy to cause the damage of the pipe, and even produce the situation of bursting, which brings safety problems to users to a certain extent.

One night "disappear" solar energy water heater, why does not fire suddenly? These reasons are practical

The second is the emergence of new water heaters, seized the market of solar water heaters: under the continuous development of science and technology, some of the better performance of water heaters appeared in people’s field of vision, and compared to these rear wheel lower intelligent water heaters. Cost performance may be higher than solar water heaters, so the original advantages of solar water heaters gradually lost. For example, with the normalization of natural gas use, gas water heaters are becoming more popular. After the hit of solar water heaters in 2017, the production and growth rate of gas water heaters are both rising.

Finally, there are the limitations of solar water heaters: Solar water heaters primarily use the sun’s energy to provide hot water, which means they need plenty of sunlight to do their job. In many areas of Our country because of the low terrain, sunshine is not enough, so the solar water heater can not meet the needs of people in these areas. In addition, the energy generated by the sun changes every day, so the use of solar energy is uncontrollable, compared to controllable factors such as electricity and natural gas will bring greater convenience to people.

Moreover, in terms of technical input, companies related to the research and development of solar water heater technology have not invested too much in the early scientific research, which leads to the limitation of weather and geographical location after the launch of solar water heater market. And to improve the shortcomings of solar water heaters, the need for technology and human and material resources is very large.


In general, solar water heaters have disappeared from view, mainly due to the market dominance of new water heaters, limited technology, and gradually unable to meet the needs of the reasons for the impact.

Things that appear in every era must conform to the law of social development, in order to go on for a long time, obviously solar water heater in the process of development gradually derailed with people’s needs, so the old things will certainly be eliminated. Improving technology is essential if solar water heaters are to regain a share of the market, but it will be hard to get back to its peak.

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