China Nuclear Power Safety Production Management Platform R&D Project (ASP-1) has passed the technical acceptance

From August 4 to 5, good news came from the technical acceptance meeting of Nuclear Power Safety Production Management Platform R&D project (ASP-1). Experts attending the meeting confirmed that "Nuclear power safety Production Management Platform R&D project (ASP-1)" had met the requirements of various technical indicators stipulated in the project specification and unanimously agreed that the project had passed the technical acceptance. It marks a significant leap in the digitalization of China's nuclear power safety production platform, and the deep integration of nuclear power digital technology and core business areas has entered a new stage. It will play an exemplary and leading role in China's nuclear power digital transformation.

Technology YanShouHui panel by the Chinese Academy of Engineering tian-you chai group leader, from tsinghua university, northeast university, university of electronic science and technology, chongqing university of posts and telecommunications, China's nuclear power industry association, China steel group co., LTD., China huaneng group co., LTD., the authority of the senior experts, as well as the member of China's nuclear power user representatives.

It is reported that nuclear power production safety management platform Research and development project (ASP-1) is a major centralized nuclear power research and development project in China. It is the key project of the reform of state-owned enterprises in three years, and also the project reported by the National Energy Administration. Over 30 years of nuclear power project are summarized in the nuclear group operational management experience, to nuclear power plant safety quality environmental sensitive SSCs (systems, structures, equipment) information for the object, build the scene of the production plan, emergency repair and status report as the core of safety production management model of integration covering nuclear power mode and operation stages.

The research and development software of this project adopts cloud architecture, micro-service, development, operation and maintenance integration technology, which has the characteristics of strong expansion, good openness and high stability. It has achieved good results during the pilot application of Xiapu Nuclear Power plant and Zhangzhou Energy, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent promotion and application.

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