Aiming for the world's largest rooftop solar power, Tesla's Gigafactory in Nevada is scaling up

Satellite images show that Tesla's Gigafactory 1 in Nevada is quietly expanding its rooftop solar capacity as it moves closer to becoming the world's largest rooftop solar system.

In 2017, Tesla announced plans to use the roof of its Gigafactory in Nevada to build a 70-MEGAwatt rooftop solar array, the world's largest, but the company only started implementing the plan in 2018, gradually installing solar modules, and has yet to reach its previous target.

Aiming for the world's largest rooftop solar power, Tesla's Gigafactory in Nevada is scaling up

In the summer of 2021, tesla said it had built 3.2MW (= 3,200MW) of solar capacity at its Nevada gigafacter, including 24MW rooftop solar, which tesla believes is still the largest rooftop solar plant in the world, although the built capacity is lower than previously announced.

True, is also near the plant equipment more solar panels, but tesla's focus has been on the roof of the scenario solar capacity, and seems to be quite seriously, according to foreign media Electrek observation, by satellite images that Nevada's super factory rooftop solar size has increased, it is difficult to know exactly how much expansion capacity, But it has obviously increased significantly in the last few months.

September 2021, left, and January 12, right (Source: Building Tesla)

Back to Nevada business super factory itself, Gigafactory 1 construction is divided into many stage, each part of the article modifies can run independently for the electric car assembly lines, while in fact the factory has not been fully completed, maintain complete only 30% in four years, but because of the part has been completed production line, the factory has produced 1 million battery pack 2021 grade.

Gigafactory 1 currently produces Tesla's battery storage system Powerwall and Powerpack in addition to Model 3 electric motors and battery components.

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