What does FAW Toyota bZ4X rely on to attract consumers

It seems to be an indisputable fact that traditional car companies are slow to move on new energy lines, but they are more focused on basic hardware than new car makers are on intelligence, which is similar to the era of fuel.

As the first giant of traditional car companies, Toyota, its first pure electric structure model bZ4X FAW Toyota version, will be opened on April 28, a look at the FAW Toyota bZ4X (parameter | picture) what are the advantages of it.

What does FAW Toyota bZ4X rely on to attract consumers

As for the design, faw Toyota bZ4X and the design of the overseas edition of almost the same, all use more movement slipped back type modelling design, a large area of black decoration and build some haggard element, although a Toyota car fuel on design style more futuristic, compared with some exaggerated sense of building cars new forces, or a little conservative.

But the interior has a lot of alternative design, such as special-shaped steering wheel and front dashboard, but the production version is estimated to use the conventional steering wheel, special-shaped steering wheel may only exist in high or optional.

Thanks to the BEV exclusive platform created by E-TNGA architecture, FAW Toyota bZ4X has excellent performance in space, with length, width and height of 4690/1860/1650mm and wheelbase of 2850mm. That is to say, RAV4 has a wheelbase that exceeds Highlander under its size, and this axle length ratio is also unable to be provided by traditional fuel vehicles.

However, the performance is not surprising, single motor version in WLTC operating range of 500km, while the dual motor version of WLTC operating range of 460km. The good news is that Toyota's stated goal for the bZ4X power battery is to maintain 90% capacity after 10 years. I have to say, this is a very exaggerated setting, if it can really live up to Toyota's promise, it must have a great impact on the used car retention rate.

In addition, the bZ4X can also be equipped with an optional solar charging panel, which is said to be capable of generating 1,800 kilometers of solar energy per year, although it is not known how Toyota calculated this figure.

As for the new technology of steering-by-wire applied in Toyota bZ4X, it has not been reflected in the information of FAW Toyota bZ4X, perhaps domestic models have not adopted it.

As mentioned earlier, the bZ4X has a lot of black trim panels in the wings and other places, which makes it look very off-road. In fact, the new car does offer x-mode four-wheel drive, which was jointly developed with Subaru, and is equipped with the newly developed "Grip Control intelligent multi-condition adaptation system". For the bZ4X, The value of the X-Mode all-wheel-drive system is not the ultimate acceleration, but the intelligent release of torque in certain situations to help the vehicle out of trouble, so expect its off-road capabilities.

What does FAW Toyota bZ4X rely on to attract consumers

In addition, FAW Toyota bZ4X adopts the "Toyota Safety Sense Smart Travel Safety" assistance package that supports OTA real-time online upgrade, which can provide multi-angle safe driving assistance.

Comprehensive view, Toyota's pure electric vehicles still focus on the travel experience, rather than domestic new powers keen intelligent equipment, of course, Toyota bZ4X intelligent configuration according to the previous fuel car has a lot of ascension, but under the control of the forces of the new, less prominent, this also is the new power and traditional car companies selected caused by different routes, is not what is good or bad, There's more choice for consumers, isn't there? What does FAW Toyota bZ4X rely on to attract consumers

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