Global renewable energy capacity is set to more than double by 2030

"Global renewable energy capacity is set to more than double by 2030, but almost all of the leading markets will miss the development installed capacity target, except China." That is the latest conclusion from Fitch Solutions, a consultancy. Unless leading countries expand their stock of projects and strengthen policy support, the company warned.

General Electric (GE) wants to triple the solar and battery storage capacity of its new hybrid renewable energy plant in India to 9GW per year by the end of 2022.

With backlog growth and strong underlying demand, GE plans to ramp up its FLEXINVERTER (formerly LV5+) power conversion solution and FLEXRESERVOIR, a large surface power station energy storage solution that can also be integrated with its digital platform FLEXIQ.

Global renewable energy capacity is set to more than double by 2030Ge said unfilled orders and strong industry demand were driving capacity gains.

"Solar and battery storage will continue to be key drivers of hybrid systems for the energy transition," said Prakash Chandra, CHIEF executive officer of GE Renewable Hybrid Systems. "To meet growing industry demand and customer demand, we have ramped up production at our new plant."

GE has been providing photovoltaic inverters and solar power independent solutions since 2012. FLEXIQ provides design, operation and multi-project management solutions that help optimize assets and improve plant performance through more optimized system designs.

Chandra said all of our hybrid systems, including the FLEXINVERTER power station technology, have received positive feedback from customers. FLEXINVERTER is an integrated containerization solution that incorporates solar inverters, medium voltage transformers, and selectable voltage ring hosts in a 20-foot ISO standard cube container.

"This technology is an intelligent solution that provides a reliable, economical, plug-and-play, factory-integrated power conversion platform for large-scale ground-based solar power stations and energy storage applications."

GE says it has installed more than "400GW of clean renewable energy projects and provides grid solutions to more than 90% of the world's electric utilities."

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