Solar energy is all the rage, but why no one wants it? The reason behind this is very practical

Surely the common people of the north often can have more profound feeling to the benefit of water heater, especially the northeast area outside shanhaiguan of our country, not only winter is long, and the temperature of winter often can reach the extreme low temperature of several degrees below zero. Under such circumstances, hot water has become the most valuable resource in winter. Some people discuss online, solar energy because of environmental protection, once "hot" for a period of time, now buy fewer people?

Solar energy is all the rage, but why no one wants it? The reason behind this is very practical

The water heater that the great majority family uses nowadays, the likelihood is electric water heater or it is gas water heater. Before the advent of these water heaters, however, the market was dominated by solar water heaters. Especially in the vast rural areas, solar water heaters are popular.

However, in just a few years, even in rural areas, it is difficult to see solar water heaters. Nowadays, most families have installed gas water heaters or electric water heaters. In addition, the number of stores about solar water heaters is also decreasing.

The heating principle of solar water heater is actually very simple, as long as the water heater is put in a sunny place, so that it gets sufficient investment. Over time, this will transfer heat to the water in the pipe, heating the water.

In the past, many rural areas liked solar water heaters because they had large unused areas on their roofs. Put the solar water heater on the top of the building to meet your hot water needs. At the same time, it also saves space, which can be described as killing multiple birds with one stone. In addition, the solar water heater mainly uses solar energy, so it is very energy saving and environmental protection. So it does not need to consume electricity, and does not need to consume gas, which can reduce a lot of costs for users.

More than 20 years ago, solar water heaters were popular not only in rural areas, but also in urban areas. In everyone's rush to chase after, solar water heater also ushered in his highlight moment. As technology continues to improve, the price of this water heater is getting lower and lower.

Solar energy is all the rage, but why no one wants it? The reason behind this is very practical

According to the statistical results of relevant institutions, 2017 is the highlight of the development of solar water heaters. In that year, the total sales volume of solar water heaters in China reached 630,000 units. However, it is not expected that after the glory is continuous decline. For all its benefits, solar water heaters also have inevitable drawbacks. As mentioned above, solar water heaters work by absorbing large amounts of sunlight to generate energy that heats the water in the pipes.

Sunlight, however, is a very uncontrollable factor, and as long as it is cloudy or rainy, there will be no hot water available. For people in the north in particular, the sun is invisible for a long period of time in winter. In this case, solar energy will become a decoration, with little practical use.

The south will also have the same continuous plum rain air, may not see the sun for half a month. Under such circumstances, if you rely on solar hot water bath, then I am afraid that half a month can not take a bath. It is precisely because of this uncontrollable factor that it will bring great trouble to the lives of ordinary people. Under such circumstance, electric water heater and gas water heater also appeared one after another on the market. Although the cost and construction of these water heaters are relatively high, they can avoid the disadvantages of the uncertainty of solar water heaters.

Under such circumstances, in order to improve their quality of life, many families are willing to spend more to install an electric water heater or gas water heater. Not only such, along with the unceasing improvement of manufacturing technology nowadays, the price of electric water heater and gas water heater is also decreasing ceaselessly.

With respect to current look, the price of electric water heater on the market is basically in 2000~3000 yuan left and right sides. For the vast majority of families, are not a very expensive electrical appliances. What's more, after electric water heater or water heater of gas is installed, service life also has at least 5~10 years. The average annual cost is not much.

The most important or electric water heater and gas water heater can provide us with a continuous supply of hot water demand, whether in the rainy season or more rain and snow in winter, hot water will not be cut off. And this, but also the solar water heater is far from comparable.


All in all, at present, but with the continuous development of The Times, there will be more and more household appliances in our sight. The advancement of science and technology can bring direct improvement to our life, in this case, our life will become better and better, and the quality of life will be significantly improved.

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