The reliability improvement project of Fangjiashan loading and unloading machine successfully passed the acceptance

On August 1, 2022, in the nuclear nuclear power operation and management co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: the nucleus) Liu Chong is deputy general manager, China nuclear power engineering co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: nuclear engineering) Beijing branch, deputy general manager yu, chief engineer lily a row over the west nuclear equipment Fang Jiashan 2 # unit in the loading and unloading machine reliability improvement project for the acceptance test. Sun Zhiguo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee (in charge of the work) and general manager of West Nuclear Equipment, Ding Zhengbiao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, executive deputy general manager, Ma Lipeng, deputy general manager and relevant department heads accompanied the inspection and acceptance.

The reliability improvement project of the loading and unloading machine of Fangjiashan No.2 Unit is based on the previous loading and unloading machine transformation project of the equipment of West Nuclear Power Co., LTD., which further optimized the reliability of the equipment according to the experience feedback of CNNC operation 106 overhaul. On July 27, 2022, all the commissioning and testing work meeting the requirements of the project was completed. The owner and relevant technical personnel of CNNC will conduct the whole process verification.

In the preparation stage of the reliability improvement project of the loading and unloading machine, West Nuclear Equipment set up a project organization headed by the general manager and participated by relevant leaders of various business interfaces, and reserved some raw materials and long-cycle purchased parts in advance. In the project implementation stage, I insisted on holding weekly meetings, timely investigated and discussed various problems encountered in the process of project promotion, and found the optimal solution. These measures laid a foundation for the successful completion of the project.

At the acceptance meeting, Sun Zhiguo, on behalf of the company, warmly welcomed the visit of CNNC and CNNC Engineering and expressed his heartfelt thanks to CNNC and CNNC Engineering for their long-term support to the development of XNC equipment and hoped that the two sides could continue to strengthen cooperation. He pointed out that West Core Equipment will continue to improve the manufacturing capacity of PMC equipment, and continue to optimize the performance of the project to better meet the needs of the owners. In the follow-up projects, we will continue to give full play to the advantages of WNnuclear manufacturing and carry out practical and detailed work. In THE UPCOMING OVERHAUL WORK OF FANGJIASHAN 206, WEST NUCLEAR EQUIPMENT WILL SEND A maintenance team with rich experience and technology to do all the service work for the owner.

Ding Zhengbiao to introduce participants to the west of nuclear equipment and the basic situation of the development strategy of “difference”, the nuclear engineering related personnel report Fang Jiashan 2 # unit loading machine reliability improvement projects as a whole and the design optimization to improve focus, west nuclear equipment is responsible for loading and unloading machine reliability improvement project reports to project manager, the project made improving key points and the debug the whole project.

Zhang Li, on behalf of CNPC, expressed gratitude to the whole project team for their excellent work and affirmed the technology and efforts of NPC equipment in this project improvement and test debugging.

On behalf of CNNC, Liu Chongdu spoke highly of the project management organization, production and manufacturing of NNC equipment. He described the loader reliability improvement program as an overall success, having been verified by 106 overhauls. At the same time, he expressed that the current equipment reform of XCNR is relatively strong, showing a new and upward positive outlook. He hoped that XCNR equipment can continue to summarize, optimize feedback, and make the loading and unloading machine stronger, better and more specialized. Finally, Liu Chongdu stressed that the loading and unloading machine is the key in the critical path of nuclear power equipment overhaul, and required all parties to carefully verify the relevant interfaces and interlocking protection functions to ensure the reliability and safety of 206 overhaul.

Leaders of the participants also had full exchanges and reached consensus on other matters related to the project.

After the meeting, all parties went to the production site of the East Region of the West Nuclear Equipment and got a detailed understanding of the company’s capacity, production process and key product manufacturing.

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