Sany Maintenance Guide for large excavators

It is a joy to buy an excavator. In the process of use, it is necessary to maintain the excavator. We have compiled a maintenance guide for Sany large excavator.

Hour meter reading

Check the hour meter reading every day to see if it is time to have to carry out maintenance.

Sany large pure wearing parts

Use the trinity pure parts specified in the heavy equipment manuals as replacement parts to avoid damage to the main body of the excavator.

Sany pure lubricating oil

Use Trinity pure oil and grease. According to the ambient temperature, choose the appropriate viscosity of oil and grease.

Windshield washer fluid

Sany Maintenance Guide for large excavators

Use windshield washer fluid and make sure to keep dirt out.

Clean oil lube

Use clean oil and grease. And to keep the oil or grease container clean, do not let impurities mix with the oil and grease.

Check the discharged oil and use filter element

After oil change or filter element replacement, the old oil and filter element should be checked for metal shavings and impurities. If large amounts of metal shavings and impurities are found, report to supervisors and take appropriate action.

Crude fuel filter element

If the machine is equipped with a crude fuel filter element, do not remove the crude filter element when filling with fuel.

Sany large excavator welding instructions

Turn off the engine start switch.

Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery.

Do not continuously use voltages greater than 200V.

Connect a ground cable less than 1m from the welding site. If the grounding cable is near the instrument, connector, etc., the instrument may fail.

Avoid seals or bearings between the welding site and the ground point.

Do not use the area around the working device pin or hydraulic cylinder as a ground point.

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