In the eyes of furniture industry professionals, how is the current situation of furniture industry?

In the eyes of furniture industry professionals, how is the current situation of furniture industry?

The furniture industry is a mess.

It's just the beginning. It's a tough business. There are many reasons for this:

1. High factory rent (high pressure)

Two, workers are difficult to manage, workers wages are rising (difficult to manage)

Third, the cost is rising, environmental protection facilities, fire facilities, factory security, as well as standardization, garbage fees, security fees.

Four, the market overcapacity, downstream manufacturers to fight the price, mid-stream manufacturers, which project is a good thing to do. It's going to rot. Bad product, price war. Not much has changed at the upper end. It's just a bunch of different people.

Five, business ability is poor, close down, a debt. Products do not fit the market, management difficulties, a debt.

Six, furniture suppliers do not give you pressure payment, because a lot of furniture factories closed, people panic. For materials, cash, please.

Seven, the payment for goods is not good, big shopping malls to take the low pressure price pressure. Retail prices are high and customers are reluctant to buy. If you want to do something big, you have to build it first and wait for it to fall apart. Furniture for garbage removal

Eight, import and export is not easy to do, small factories no attention, big factories are not so busy.

External environment, tariff barrier, trade war. The rising cost of

In the eyes of furniture industry professionals, how is the current situation of furniture industry?

Ten, there are many middlemen, most of whom are willing to do business and do not want to take the risks of the factory industry. When the middleman's business is bad, he will squeeze the money from the factory. The factory is not enough cash, suppliers can not get the goods, no material production, but still bear the cost every day. Can you feel better?

Eleventh, house prices are so expensive that some of the younger generation can afford them without the help of their parents. Yes, but with decades of debt, a few people can afford to spend a little more on good furniture.

Twelve, shop business is also difficult to do, The entry of the Cat to more than 700,000 at present, small furniture factory did not have this qualification entry.

Thirteen, the daily operation of the shop is not low, through train costs accounted for a high proportion, manual operation, the site, originally 6000 to the price, abruptly made 12000 price to sell. Consumers are still happy to get it. Thank the seller.

Fourteenth, the market is unstable, March may be a little busy, but May to July is the slack season. March is not good, two months can lose a lot of factories. Think it'll be all right in August? There are still September to November, and the end of the year is likely to be profitable. Many manufacturers have run away before dawn. Workers' wages are not settled....

Fifteen, manufacturers are difficult to find consumers, online stores can not do big stores, consumers also love famous brands, but the furniture industry 5000 pieces of things with a famous brand can be sold at 10,000. Online do however, there is no middleman so much money offline to open shopping malls.

So let me write that for now. Late at night, insomnia wrote

Although furniture industry is difficult to do, but so that consumers can find manufacturers, get real factory goods, I have been in zhihu efforts. We hope to break the barriers of real middlemen and deliver real conscience furniture to you.

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